My obviously biased and morbid biggest lesson from last year is that we are in an almost unstoppable technology driven risk environment. If you are eager for some gloomy predictions and depressing analysis; I urge you to read on..

Kellepics / Pixabay

You probably have heard of Digital Divide concept years ago. In its most basic definition, it is the gap between those who benefit from the digitalization in general versus others who do not. 2020 tested this concept from many angles. When the global response to coronavirus, especially in vaccination, was…

Saint Nakamato by lalotta_money on SuperRare

Digital Art space is booming on all cylinders.

To quote a prominent collector, blogger, maverick and pioneer matthew.cent.eth (@niftytime): “Buying #CryptoArt today is like buying Bitcoin in 2010.”

He continues: “Instead of spending 10,000 BTC on a pizza though, I bought a work of art that museums will kill for.”

The growth is literally striking — from USD…

Fotoğraf: Wendy Corniquet — Pixabay

Kullanıcı Sayıları

Bu sitenin 50 milyon kullanıcısı var. Bizim programı 20 milyon kişi indirdi ve 6 milyonu aktif hale getirdi. YouTube kanalımın abonesi 1 milyon ama nedense 500 bin kişi izliyor videoları.

Kullanıcı sayılarına takığız.

Haksız da değiliz.

Kullanıcı sayıları bize sektörde ne kadar büyük olduğumuzu gösteriyor. Toplam kullanıcının yüzde 20’si burada…

Hulki Okan Tabak

Investor, Strategist, Business Developer, Management Consultant, Writer & Photographer —

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