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The Simple Question of Ownership

A dear friend of mine kept asking the questions: “What do I get when I buy a Non Fungible Token? How do I know that I bought it? How do I prove that I am the owner?”

He is a skeptic.

And he is very right to ask these questions because unless there are clear and somewhat easily comprehensible answers to these questions, why should anyone spend their hard earned cash on digital art or collectibles.

The good news is that there is a very concise answer to the question. The bad news is that it is basic but technical…

My obviously biased and morbid biggest lesson from last year is that we are in an almost unstoppable technology driven risk environment. If you are eager for some gloomy predictions and depressing analysis; I urge you to read on..

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Is the Digital Divide for real?

You probably have heard of Digital Divide concept years ago. In its most basic definition, it is the gap between those who benefit from the digitalization in general versus others who do not. 2020 tested this concept from many angles. When the global response to coronavirus, especially in vaccination, was somewhat mustered, technology was a key driver in facilitating this collaboration. Similarly when individuals sought information on the health issues regarding the virus, the internet and some of the health data analytics sites were the go-to sources. Around the same time, there was an explosion in the Decentralized Finance segment…

Who is she?

It was sometime around 1992. I had graduated from high school and preparing for the university. That was the high time of CDs in Istanbul. Hi-fi audio stores were opening and all genres of music CDs were becoming widely available in music stores which were party becoming chains in the nascent but fast growth shopping malls.

I can’t recall how, where or why but there in my CD collection was (and is still) Mister Heartbreak by Laurie Anderson. Almost 8 years after its release.. Who was Laurie Anderson?

Saint Nakamato by lalotta_money on SuperRare

Digital Art space is booming on all cylinders.

To quote a prominent collector, blogger, maverick and pioneer matthew.cent.eth (@niftytime): “Buying #CryptoArt today is like buying Bitcoin in 2010.”

He continues: “Instead of spending 10,000 BTC on a pizza though, I bought a work of art that museums will kill for.”

The growth is literally striking — from USD 6,000 in June 2019 to USD 390,000 in June 2020. Only to 3.5x this figure to USD 1,400,000 in September.

I’ve written on the subject before and I will not get in to further specifics or examples. …

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Kullanıcı Sayıları

Bu sitenin 50 milyon kullanıcısı var. Bizim programı 20 milyon kişi indirdi ve 6 milyonu aktif hale getirdi. YouTube kanalımın abonesi 1 milyon ama nedense 500 bin kişi izliyor videoları.

Kullanıcı sayılarına takığız.

Haksız da değiliz.

Kullanıcı sayıları bize sektörde ne kadar büyük olduğumuzu gösteriyor. Toplam kullanıcının yüzde 20’si burada demek önemli. Rakiplerle kıyaslamayı sağlıyor kullanıcı sayıları. Bu analizleri zaman dilimine yerleştirip, önceden böyleydi, sonra böyle olabilir diye analizler yaptırıyor. Aynı zamanda heyecanlandırıyor. Potansiyel kullanıcının ancak yüzde 1’i bu ürünü biliyor, önü çok açık dedirtiyor.

Cüzdanlar mı dediniz?

Eylül 11’de Medium’da The Capital yayınında Mark Helfman’ın yazısını okurken de bu…

Photo: Wendy Corniquet — Pixabay

User Numbers

This website has 50 million users. Our app has been downloaded by 20 million people and 6 million of them have activated it. My YouTube channel has 1 million subscribers but only 500 thousand watch the videos.

We are fixated on user numbers.

Somewhat rightly so.

Number of users show us where we stand in our sector. It matters to say that 20% of the users are here. Users and usage help us to have healthy comparisons with the competitors. These analysis when placed in a timeline help us to construct time based analysis that can evaluate cause and effect…

Photo by Mark Fletcher-Brown on Unsplash

This article is intended to give a real life example on trying to deploy art in to non fungible tokens (NFT). I will not try to explain any concepts or terms here and only concentrate on specific actions and their results. I believe this could be helpful to a small group of people today and a larger audience in the future as they grapple with similar issues. So let’s start..

My pain point is..

I have a set of digital photographs that I put up to sale through traditional sales channels. Those channels have serious shortcomings: (i) They are crowded…

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

As the school started, something was radically different from the previous years: The kids were home. It took me a while to outwardly realize the difference as life with pandemic had become the norm for months in a row. What made the difference was an alarm clock, a wake-up call to relocate for the day, as everyone would be working at a different location. So while absolutely normal for the previous set of years, it had been a while ever since I’ve kind of woken them up from a drowsy early morning slumber in to a world of gradual awakening.

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

This is the first of a format I will use to share an idea in a very short article form. This one deals with cryptocurrencies. So read on if it of interest to you.

There is a marked increase since August 14 onwards in the amount of Bitcoin sent on-chain. This might be an early indicator of major price movements on top of the signifant correction early on in September.

Details: The amount sent figure represents the on-chain Bitcoins sent during one day in USD terms. Not all of this amount is spent and various websites report different or…

Vortex: Closer to Shore is Further Away from You — Hulki Okan Tabak — Saatchi Art

Zaman zaman Blokzincir üzerinde ne işler yapılabilir konusunda yazmak istiyorum. Bu alanda beni heyecanlandıran ana başlıklardan biri de sanat eserleriyle Blokzinciri bağlamaktı. Kendimi doğru ifade etmeliyim — buradaki amacım teknolojiye bir uygulama alanı bakmak değildi. Amatör bir fotoğrafçı olarak kendimin de tecrübe ettiği sorunlara çözüm bulurken Blokzincirin de buna dokunduğu yerleri fark ettiğim için bağlantıyı kurmak istedim.

Uzun yıllardır tanıdığım, değer verdiğim Cemil Türün benden hızlı davrandı ve bu konuda BTCHaber’de Sanat Eserlerinin Blokzincir Üzerinden Takibiyazısını yayınladı. Cemil, bu yazıda mülkiyetin yaratıcıya ait olmasının tescili ve takibi konusunda fikirlerini paylaştı. …

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Investor, Strategist, Business Developer, Management Consultant, Writer & Photographer —

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